Horse Camping Policies and Registration

By following a few simple codes of convenience, Bear Branch can continue to offer you and your family some of the finest and safest horse camping and trail riding accommodations in the Shawnee National Forest.

Campers must register and pay before setting up camp.

Quiet Camp Begins at 11:00 p.m. till 6:00 a.m.

Dogs Must Be On a Leash in camp at all times.

Stallions (accommodated by permission only) must be kept in stalls.

No tree tying is permitted ($150 fine if trees are chewed).

Negative Coggins and Health Certificates are required for out of state horses.

No temporary pens (except in designated picket areas).

Horses cannot be tied overnight to trailers at campsites.

Stalls and picket areas must be cleaned before you leave.

Sites, stalls, lodging, and cabins must be vacated by 11 a.m. on checkout day (except Sunday, campsites only, 3:00 p.m.).

We are on city water, please help us conserve and keep your camping fees reasonable. Do not hose out your trailer.

No animals (horses or dogs) can be tied to utility poles with water and electric.

You will pay a minimum $25 fee if your animal breaks a water pipe.

Please do not throw trash—bottles & cans—in fire pits. They do not burn.

Stopping along the trail in the Shawnee National forest
Lunch and Rest Stop on the Trail

Please complete our Registration Form and submit it online or print and mail it. However, to secure your registration we must receive your check or money order for deposit within 2 weeks.
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Please put all trash in dumpster behind the restaurant.